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Welcome to the FIEPS Nanopass Parser Framework!

This is the offical site for the FIEPS Nanopass Parser Framework developed by
Dominik Scherlebeck for his diploma thesis in January 2014.

Current version of FIEPS Framework: 1.1 - January 15th 2014

The FIEPS Framework is based upon ideas first formulated in "A Nanopass Framework for Compiler Eduction" by Dipanwita Sarkar, Oscar Waddel and R. Kent Dybvig. The FIEPS Framework is basically a collection of free configurable, small parser steps that can be combined to parse a definable source language. The Framework is shipped with...

The FIEPS Framework is non-commercial and free to use but is in it's current state unfit for productive work. The implemented features are mostly experimental.

If you like to experiment with programming languages or want to try a different concept in compiler construction, why not try out FIEPS today?